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Faded Sandpaper
  • Length of trail: 5 Days

  • Location: Ukuhlamba Drakensberg National Park

  • Distance from Durban: 252 km (transfers can be arranged)

  • All equipment and food included

For bookings/ rates/ inquiries, contact Sicelo 

Tel: +27 76 390 8201


Soul Medicine Journey

"To climb the mountain is an ancient act of ceremony. It requires stepping across the boundaries of ego, surrendering plans, objectives and goals, it means humbly placing one foot in front of other ."

This Unesco heritage site has exceptional ‘natural beauty,  with its soaring basaltic buttresses and golden sandstone cliffs. We hike the grass-covered slopes  beneath the towering escarpment,  explore the wind-sculpted rock formations, and view ancient Bushman paintings in  natural caves.
The spiritual energy of the mountains offers us a deep Soul Medicine Journey.
We begin our mornings with rituals such as smudging,  which purify our souls and open us to the presence of the spirits of the past, present and the future. We walk with harmony and respect among the spirits of the San People, the hunter-gatherers who were the first nation of Southern Africa, who took refuge in these mountains from the white settlers and hostile amaZulu tribes.
As we tax our bodies with climbing the slopes, so we ascend our inner mountains.  We find strength and new perspectives to help us tackle difficulties in our lives. We refresh tired bodies by bathing in the crystal clear pools, under high waterfalls. We sleep in caves where ancient San people once sheltered, feeling their spirits around us, as we listen to the haunting calls of the Blackbacked Jackals.
We don’t challenge  or ‘conquer’ the mountains,  we embrace their power and majesty, we surrender our egos and walk in humility and deep respect, opening ourselves to the profound insights they can bring us.


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