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The spirit of Ubuntu

Nature has much to teach us about the spirit of ubuntu and working collectively. This spirit infuses so many relationships in nature ... the redoxpeckers keep the rhinos free of ticks while warning them of predators; the elephants dig water holes in dry river beds that many animals will drink from.
A vital part of Umkhiwane's work is  building a strong community, and making sure that local communities benefit from the wilderness areas on their doorsteps. The history of the game reserves in South Africa has been one of exclusion, and there is much need for upliftment in surrounding communities. We build on and revive the ancient tradition of ubuntu in the rural villages through our community projects .

These projects are funded through donations from and from proceeds of the trails.

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabuntu

Zulu proverb meaning a person is a person through other people -

we can only express our humanity in community with each other.


Community Build

This project invites people to help us build infrastructure we need in our village, such as preschools. It offers an opportunity to connect with local communities in a meaningful way, while contributing to improving lives and livelihoods.

Growing life

Hunger and foods security is an urgent issue in our village, and in many rural communities. The communal vegetable gardens feed our bodies, but also help young adults to connect with the healing rhythms of growth and nature

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Ubizo lwemvelo

All humans need the life-affirming therapy of walking on a path of wilderness, and perhaps those who can least afford it need it most This project enables young people from local communities to experience the beauty and power of being in the wilderness.

Walk with us

Connect with local communities and give them the life changing experience of going a a spiritual journey with you. This project invites trailists to sponsor local community members to join their trail. Email to find out more.

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