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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you  cater  for special diets?

  • We eat simple food on trail, but we can cater for gluten/ dairy free and vegetarian diets by arrangement.

How safe are the Imfolozi and Isimangaliso Journeys?

  • Both reserves do have big and dangerous animals, but each trail is accompanied by two guides with extensive knowledge and experience of African wildlife and how to safely approach or avoid dangerous animals. The guides carry loaded rifles, but what keeps you safe is their knowledge and vigilance.

What should you wear on your journey?

  • Wear comfortable and practical clothes suitable for hiking and different weathers. Dull colored clothe, such as khakhi or olive green are recommended to avoid scaring off animals.

What age is suitable for the Journey?

  • From 16 years – 69 years.

What happens if it rains?

  • We embrace all weathers as part of immersing ourselves in the wilderness. We have flysheets or tents to use if it rains.

What if someone get sick or injured on the Journey?

  • Guides are fully trained in first aid, and have plans and equipment for communicating with  the outside world if evacuation is needed.

Where do we get water from?

  • From the rivers- we purify water with special treatment.

Do you provide Transport?

  • We can provide transport for airport pickups and drop offs by special arrangements

Can I bring Alcohol on wilderness journey?

  • The focus of these journeys is spiritual awakening and connection. Consuming alcohol or other mind enhancing drugs diminishes this experience, and also makes you more vulnerable to accidents. We therefor do not allow alcohol or recreational drugs.

For bookings/ rates/ inquiries, contact Sicelo 

Tel: +27 76 390 8201


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